Elafonissi, Greece

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Key Features & Attractions

Aquaworld Aquarium

Add-On Available During Booking Tickets start at $40 per person

At Aquaworld you can enjoy hands-on interactions with marine and reptile life as well as photos with the animals!

Kite Surfing

Add-On Available During Booking Tickets start at $27 per person

During the summer months, Elafonissi lagoon is the best spot for kitesurfing. Just south of the swimming area is one of the best windsurfing areas with a launch area away from most of the swimmers.


Add-On Available During Booking Tickets start at $210 per person

Elafonissi is a very good place for snorkeling: the water is very clear and quite shallow (less than 10m deep) for a long way.

Kedrodasos Beach

No Booking Necessary No purchase necessary

If you find Elafonissi too crowded for your taste, only 20 minutes eastward is an area with much quieter beaches and beautiful juniper forests.

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Elafonissi, Greece

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Reviews for Elafonissi, Greece

Good for kids!

Posted by Maureen Quinn on October 5th, 2014

Greece is a beautiful country and I wish I had gotten to spend more time inland than I did, but my 2 sons really had a fun time at the beach. There was a giant sand castle contest on the first day we spent there and the winning one was literally 7 feet tall and looked like it was straight out of a movie!

Thanks MileStone

Posted by Freddie Lawrence on October 13th, 2014

Wish I could give this destination more than 5 stars, because not only was the beach itself fantastic, but MileStone was super friendly and accommodating when it came to booking! Thanks for a great trip!

Beware of jellyfish

Posted by Taylor Schott on December 12th, 2014

On our first day at the beach, my son got stung by a jellyfish and threw a fit. Then the second and third day there was a giant storm passing through and it downpoured the entire day. Maybe beaches just aren't our thing!

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